Consolidated Energy Company has supplied local homeowners and businesses with heating oil and propane for more than 30 years!  Whether you have your own tank or you need to lease a tank, we have trained professionals that will schedule and fill your propane tanks in a safe, economical and timely manner.


We do not believe in extra charges or hidden fees.  Instead, we strive to create value for you through one of our many residential programs:

  1. Auto Fill deliveries are scheduled based on historical usage patterns and prevailing weather conditions.  When your tank level is around 20% volume remaining, we schedule the next delivery.
  2. Electronic Tank Monitoring technology will track the level in your tank in real time, and deliveries will automatically be scheduled when needed.
  3. Budget Plan is designed to help you manage your energy costs by spreading winter heating cost over the entire year.
  4. Auto-Pay conveniently pays your bill with an automatic deduction from your account to save time and money.
  5. Prepay Program offers customers the option to lock in a price of propane for the upcoming season.
  6. Summer Fill helps you get ahead of the winter weather and fill your tank in the summer at a discounted rate.
  7. Residential Propane Tanks are filled in a safe, economical and timely manner by trained professionals, whether you have your own tank or you need to lease a tank from us.
  8. MyFuelPortal allows direct access to your account by computer or smart phone to view tank levels, schedule deliveries, make payments, and more! Click here to learn more.
  9. Referral Program offers rewards to those who send us new business! When the customer you refer signs up for one of our propane programs and leases a Consolidated Energy Company tank, you are entitled to $100 in propane bucks! Click here to learn more.

How to Read Your Propane Tank Gauge

The maximum fill on a propane tank is 80% allowing for the expansion of the propane vapor. We recommend that you call us when your gauge reads between 20-30%.

Watch the video to the right to learn more!

Tired of trekking through the elements to check your tank levels?

Contact the Consolidated Energy Company team to learn more about our electronic Tank Monitoring Program!