Consolidated Energy Company offers convenient and reliable commercial fuel and propane delivery services. 


Enjoy the flexibility to have fuel delivered to your job site on a call-in, scheduled or daily basis.

  1. Onsite Fueling: Whether it’s equipment or tank fills, Consolidated Energy Company specializes in commercial fueling operations.
  2. Locomotive Fueling: The company works directly with major railroad companies as well as private locomotive owners to support ‘Direct to Locomotive’ fueling operations.
  3. Barge Fueling: The state-of-the-art fueling dock located just off the Mississippi River in La Crosse, WI, allows Consolidated Energy Company to fuel vessels safely and efficiently.


A wide range of propane services is essential to accommodate the needs of builders, business owners, school districts, and more. 

  1. Grill tank exchange
  2. Forklift tank exchange
  3. Propane dispensers
  4. Temporary heat
  5. Wholesale propane
  6. Propane Autogas